Scarecrow hands

In 2005, I made a pair of terrifying mechanical bamboo hands/claws and used them as part of a scarecrow costume in a Slovenian juggling parade. I made children cry. Turns out it's hard to mime, "Don't worry, I want to be your friend," when your face is covered by a sack and you have two four-foot rake-like grabbing machines attached to your arms.

Above is a video of one slightly battered hand in motion.

On a vaguely related noted, here's another photo of me from Slovenia:

By somersaulting off a 4 metre high diving board on a unicycle I won 3 juggling clubs, 4 juggling balls, a DVD and a whole evening of free drinks from impressed bystanders. I hadn't the heart to tell them it was just a spectacular accident. In retrospect, I'm not sure how I wasn't hurt.

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