Hallowe'en 2009

Hallowe'en is always a good excuse to get out the maker gear. My costume this year was a partially-(self-)dissected* cadaver. What's the point in having access to a morgue if you can't abuse it now and then?**

Above is a low-res shot pilfered from Facebook; hopefully I'll be receiving some nice photos of the full get-up in the days to come. In the meantime, here's some old-fashioned facial anatomy:

The mask is moulded latex, painted with watercolours. Latex paints would have been longer-lasting, but I made do with what I had to hand. You know how it is with last-minute costumes. You might notice that some of the paint has worn away in these photos.

Yes, there's a lot of cartilage in that nose, but I had to fit my own sizeable nose inside it.

I also put together a papier-mâché cauldron, complete with protruding latex tentacles and an air pump to produce a continuous simmering effect for the party punch. Recognise the preserving jars in the background from last year?

And finally, what fun would Hallowe'en be without a pumpkin? The neuroanatomy here is interpreted a little loosely but the effect comes across nicely.

*How's that for an awkward use of brackets?

**I'm probably joking. You can't prove anything.